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Venäjän Federaation kaupallinen edustusto Suomessa
Venäjän Federaation kaupallinen edustusto Suomessa


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00140 Helsinki

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 4-5 october 2019, Saint-Petersburg

The international fashion forum is an event of the comprehensive program "St. Petersburg is the center of the fashion industry and light industry", aimed at the cooperation of the design community, Russian light industry enterprises and production sites.
Following the results of the I Forum in 2017, the participants focused on the fact that the event became a launching platform for the development of light industry and the fashion industry in Russia, as well as expressed interest in holding it on an annual basis.
In 2018, the II Forum was held with the participation of speakers from the Italian and Portuguese Republics, Finland, the Kingdom of Denmark and England, who interested the participants of the Forum with the specifics of designers' training in leading foreign institutions and offered to cooperate with them.
Within the framework of the III Forum, theme-based round tables, panel discussions, workshops and master classes will be held. Amongst other things a market with products from more than 50 Russian designers will be presented onsite.
This format of the event helps to build mutually beneficial ways of cooperation among all the participants in the light industry market segment, to get acquainted with new brands and products of already well-known young designers, to train those who are just starting their journey in the field of design.

Contact details
Organizing Committee of the International Fashion Forum
Phone: +7 977 987 4647


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